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Design Features

Our brand new independent villas are constructed to a high standard of workmanship, offering warm, energy efficient light-filled rooms. The designs offer a great sense of space and flow throughout having been specifically designed to ensure they are easy to live in and enjoy both now and into the future. We have taken the time to achieve Homestar 7 on all our villas, and Lifemark 3 on a select number of villas.

Red Beach Int Block 14 Lot 1 Kitchen Final 01 LR
Red Beach Int Block 14 Lot 3 Living Final 01 LR


Designed by experts in aged care architecture and endorsed with Lifemark certification, a rigorously user-focused approach has been applied to every aspect of the Vivid Living design. From the inside out, these single-level homes are designed to be seamlessly accessible and comfortable for varying levels of ability. Between the thoughtful spatial planning, optimized kitchen designs and calm material palettes, these homes have been designed to be comfortable and practical for senior living without compromising on homeliness or flare.

FL Waiata Shores Int Community Centre Final 01 LR

Residents Lounge

Creating a sense of community was a core value within the planning process for Vivid Living. An inviting, comfortable shared lounge space with strong connections to its surroundings and intuitive access was key method to achieving this. The residents’ lounges have been designed as the visual and social hubs of each site with thoughtfully integrated amenities and captivating spaces that activate each village with vibrancy and foster a sense of belonging.

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Designed with you in mind

From the front door to the bathroom showers, carefully considered detailing has enabled the removal of steps and obstacles to maximize safety and ease of use which is rarely seen in residential builds. The implementation of Lifemark design principles sets the Vivid Living typologies apart from standard homes and even some other aged care providers. In addition to step-free entries and interiors, Lifemark principles have been considered in all layers of day-to-day design outcomes. Everything from the generous accessible floor plans and easy to use kitchens to the non-slip flooring selections and intuitive light switch locations, Vivid Living homes are far from standard and have been built to last as warm and healthy homes with Homestar certification.

Red Beach Int Block 14 Lot 1 Kitchen Final 01 LR


Design for Life; for homes with space in the right place.

Lifemark® rated homes are designed to be usable and safe for people of all ages and stages. We want to ensure homes are suitable now and into the future, so we have designed our homes with this in mind. We have a selected number of homes designed for Lifemark®3 principals.

Features include:

  • Slip resistant Level entry thresholds for ease of movement
  • Step free Level entry shower for ease of movement
  • Kitchen located on entry living level
  • Turning circles achieved in kitchen and bedrooms for easy manoeuvring
  • Wide corridors (min width of 1050mm)
  • Nogging installed in bathroom for future installation for grabrails ( Toilet walls + shower)
  • Light switches horizontally aligned with door handles
  • Power points installed at consistent heights between 500mm and 1200mm above finished floor level.
LR FL Waiata Shores Ext Courtyard Draft 01

Homestar 7

Homestar is an independent rating that certifies a home to a standard higher than the Building Code and is tailored to meet environmental conditions for Aotearoa. It gives residents confidence that the villa they have chosen will be more sustainable, easier to keep warm, which can lead to lower running costs. Homestar’s assessment focus on energy consumption, health and comfort delivered by the home. At Vivid Living all our homes have been designed to achieve this standard.

Features include:

  • Whole house ventilation through Smart Vent system + efficient space heating via heat pumps in accordance to Healthy Homes Act
  • High thermal performance and comfort achieved via insulation value above the requirements of standard building code
  • Sustainability through material selections, efficient energy use and water use / supply:
    • 1000L rain water tank installed to harvest rainwater
    • Dishwasher installed with a WELS 4.5 rating- 6.9L per wash cycle
    • Exterior heat pump HWC
    • LED lighting including sensors to ensure lights are not left on
    • Low VOC materials
    • Use of sustainably sourced materials